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In the world as we know; there’s a gap between technology and the indispensable food. And here at Chef-in, we leverage at bridging this gap - bringing food and technology together into a single platform. Built by an expert engineer, Chef-In was designed to weave harmony between the restaurants and consumers.

We utilize technology to revolutionize by changing the way restaurants reach out to their customers, making this two-way interaction more meaningful, profitable & efficient.

How do we see it from the restaurant owner’s perspective? From ordering, to servicing directly to your kitchen counter - we are offering you end-to-end automation to help reduce manpower by up to 50%. We are providing you statistics-driven analysis to help on focusing on your menu. We are helping you to build your strategies to be a next-gen Smart Restaurant. We at Chef-In, our objective is to provide a complete solution by minimizing your critical pain points which in turn becomes your restaurant's profitability.

How do we see it from a consumer’s perspective? We all are our own benchmark –we are all consumers too. We know what we want – simplicity. Hence we differentiate ourselves from the multitude of apps by being the ONE to consolidate all features into a single platform. We are offering convenience and speed at your fingertips. We providing a seamless interface even within the fast pace of your day-to day system. We building ourselves to be the next-gen Smart Consumer. At Chef-In, our objective is to be the platform that provides a complete solution for simplicity.

Whether you are a consumer or an entrepreneur, we want you to rediscover the beauty of food without the hassle. At Chef-In, we provide the complete solution to food and make it as food should be – simply enjoyable!


The journey to rediscovering the simple beauty of food begins with us. Equipped with solutions for everyone, we are poised to please both restaurant owners and consumers alike.

Chef-In Bms

We believe that directing consumer choices into a statistics-driven model can help you increase profitability by at least 10%. Chef-In’s Business Management System (BMS) simplifies collected data from customer input and highlights your top-selling cuisine or displays your customers’ preference.


At a glance, you know how many sales you made in a day and what your customers walked-in to get. With Chef-In BMS, you build your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses because we provide you with the statistics to sharpen your repertoire. 

Chef-In Tab

We believe in convenience and labor-cost savings by introducing end-to-end automation. Our Chef-In Tab app is designed to be a seamless tablet interface, for redefining physical menus and the conventional ordering system. With Chef-In, customers can browse your culinary offers and place self-orders. We allow for personalization of the menu so that customers can know who was their chef for each food served or to explore the calories of each food serving.


Customized food orders are sent seamlessly from table to the kitchen. Chef-In Tab is equipped with a service call button that is automatically connect to each waiter’s mobile app. We keep customers occupied during the wait time for food preparation with multiple features. We at Chef-In are simply focusing on being the complete solution.

Chef-In Customer App

We differentiate ourselves from the multitude of apps simply because we do it all in one. Whether you are an adventurous food explorer, or if you want your usual comfort food, we’ve got it covered. Explore restaurant menus at the tip of your fingertips from wherever you are. We know it’s a fast-paced world. If you’re in a rush, order your food online first and it will be served warm at the time of your arrival. Picky eater? Customize your food by telling the chef how you want your food to be (what to add or what not to add).


Even if you enjoy frequenting the same restaurant at the same location, we can ping you to inform about an available promotion with our proprietary Geo-Based Location technology. At Chef-In, we want you to experience the beauty of a full culinary journey hassle-free. 


We offer complete solutions for each people group. But how do we know that we truly stand out from the rest?

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Chef-In isn't a common food-app, but it's the first and only one that create harmony between the restaurants and the consumers.

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Learn more about us and our platform, Chef-In, that weaves together the union between technology and food to provide convenience for all people groups.

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